Conference Championships

Oswego High School competes in the Southwest Prairie Conference which includes Oswego East, Romeoville, Plainfield Central, Plainfield North, Plainfield South, Plainfield East, Minooka.  Joliet Central and Joliet East joined the conference in the fall of 2016.  In 2019, West Aurora and Yorkville joined the conference to bring the total to 12 schools.   The conference was established in 2006.  Prior to that year Oswego competed in the former Suburban Prairie South from 1995 to 2006.  The years 1963 to 1995 Oswego competed in the Little Seven Conference.

Oswego won Little Seven Conference Championships in 1987 and 1988.  Oswego also won a Suburban Prairie South Conference Championship in 1997.  The team won the Southwest Prairie Conference title in 2011, it's first conference championship in 14 years.

Listed below are results beginning in 2007.


Host: Romeoville  

Site: Dellwood Pk.

5th Place   113 point

Coach:  Eric Simon

Christina Sliepka(jr)  2nd      19:07

Alyson Fisher(fr)        15th     21:01

Alicia Wise(so)           22nd    21:28

Amanda Watts(so)     31st      22:00

Megan Strandell(jr)    43rd     23:14

Kelsey Borchelt(jr)     44th     23:22

Tatiana Anaya(fr)      48th     23:29


Host:  Oswego

Site:  South Campus

3rd Place   98 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Kelsey Hjorth(so)       2nd          18:07

Lauren Choi(jr)         13th         19:00

Alex Choi(so)            20th         19:32

Alyson Fisher(sr)       31st         20:19

Caroline Skibinski(jr)32nd        20:24

Ashley Golembeski(so)36th        20:31

Abby Etheridge(fr)      44th        20:58


Host:  Plainfield East

Site:  Hammel Woods

4th Place   95 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Allyson McLaughlin(so)     7th      19:11

Abby Fioresi(fr)               11th    19:31

Maddy Kammerer(so)       22nd    20:01

Kayla Wooten(so)            26th     20:21

Teagan Terando(sr)        29th     20:30

Julia Manzano(so)           30th     20:33

Megan Choi(fr)               DNF


Host:  Romeoville

Site:  Channahon Park

2nd Place   71 pts

Coach:  Eric Simon

Isabelle Christiansen(so)    5th     17:47

Grace Pagone(jr)                8th     18:27

Ava Weyrich(so)                 17th    19:19

Caitlin Guist(so)                 20th    19:31

Megan Berg(jr)                    21st    19:31

Jaycie Simon(so)                24th   19:49

Sydney Luchyn(so)             38th    20:29


Host:  Minooka

Site:  Channahon Park

2nd Place   49 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Rebecca Corbett(so)         5th     18:39

Audra Soderlind(fr)            7th     18:41

Ella Hale(jr)                        8th    18:42

Peyton Brueck(jr)              9th    18:46

Sophia Marasco(fr)            20th   19:32

Paige Bohnert(so)             28th    20:05

Madi Etheridge(sr)           33rd    20:16


Host:  Morris

Site:  Campus

3rd Place   100 point

Coach:  Eric Simon

Christina Sliepka(sr)   2nd       18:32

Alyson Fisher(so)       19th       20:35

Karissa Love(fr)         20th       20:36

Kendra Hughes(fr)      29th       21:26

Karli Mockenhaupt(fr) 30th       21:28

Caroline Skibinski(fr)  31st       21:30

Tatiana Anaya(so)      32nd       23:03 


Host: Oswego East

Site:  Campus

1st Place   65 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Kelsey Hjorth(jr)      2nd           18:15

Lauren Choi(sr)        8th            19:19

Ashley Golembeski(jr) 9th         19:21

Allison Darby(jr)     18th            19:58

Teagan Terando(so)28th           20:16

Alex Choi(so)           33rd          20:25

Caroline Skibinski(sr)37th       21:15


Host:  Plainfield North

Site:  Lewis University

2nd Place   58 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Grace Pagone(fr)        7th     18:26

Allyson Mclaughlin(jr) 8th     18:27

Kayla Wooten(jr)        11th    18:51

Maddy Kammerer(jr)   14th   18:54

Taylor Anhalt(sr)         17th   19:16

Julia Manzano             33rd   20:32

Emma Beck                  36th  20:38


Host:  Joliet Central

Site:   Channahon Park

3 rd place    69 pts

Coach:  Eric Simon

Isabelle Christiansen(jr)  6th    18:38

Grace Pagon(sr)              7th    18:40

Caitlin Guist(jr)              12th   18:58

Ella Hale(fr)                   20th   19:32

Megan Berg(sr)               24th   19:42

Isabel Aguado(jr)            27th   19:54

Jaycie Simon(jr)             28th   19:57


Host:  Oswego

Site:  Channahon Park

3r Place   73 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Audra Soderlind(so)        2nd         18:04

Rebecca Corbett(jr)       13th        18:56

Peyton Brueck(sr)          15th         19:16

Sophia Marasco(so)        20th         19:46

Kate Soderlind(fr)          23rd        19:58

Paige Bohnert(jr)           24th        20:00

Ella Hale(sr)                  34th         20:21  


Host:  Minooka

Site:  Channahon Park

5th Place    125 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Alyson Fisher(jr)        5th         19:54

Riley Vann(so)            20th        20:36

Kendra Hughes(so)     31st        21:29

Alex Choi(fr)              36th        22:21

Tatiana Anaya(jr)       37th        22:23

Jessica Seeger(sr)      40th        22:35

Caroline Skibinski(so) 43rd        22:50 


Host:  Plainfield Central

Site:   Campus

2nd Place   68 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Kelsey Hjorth(sr)     1st          18:10

Ashley Golembeski(sr)2nd       18:21

Teagan Terando(jr)   12th       19:13

Dana Janusz(so)        24th       19:58

Kayla Perez(so)          29th       20:13

Abby Etheridge(jr)     32nd      20:30

Blair Diemer(sr)          42nd     21:15


Host:  Plainfield South

Site:  Hammel Wood

2nd Place   55 points

Coach:  Eric Simon

Isabelle Christiansen(fr)    5th     17:31

Grace Pagone(so)              8th     18:10

Allyson McLaughlin(sr)      11th    18:20

Maddy Kammerer(sr)         12th    18:20

Megan Choi(jr)                   19th    19:01

Megan Berg(so)                  25th    19:19

Kayla Wooten(sr)               26th    19:21


Host:  Joliet West

Site:   Channahon Park

2nd Place    42 pts

Coach:   Eric Simon

Rebecca Corbett(fr)       3rd       18:06
Isabelle Christiansen(sr) 4th       18:06

Ella Hale(so)                  6th       18:21

Paige Bonhert(fr)           12th     18:58

Caitlin Guist(sr)             16th     19:12

Peyton Brueck(so)          17th     19:13

Becky Jermolowicz(jr)    19th    19:31